Cover Photo: Photograph by Erik Witsoe/Unsplash
Photograph by Erik Witsoe/Unsplash

The Utopian Colony Around Tennessee’s Oldest Library

The New York Times, Harper’s Weekly and The Spectator sent stringers to cover the experiment. The writer from Harper’s was so impressed, he speculated “that the coming year would witness a grand exodus of the middle classes of England.”

Rugby, Tennessee: Being Some Account of the Settlement Founded on the Cumberland Plateau by the Board of Aid to Land Ownership, Limited

The Comic History of the United States

Frost’s United StatesHistory of America

KKK Sketches

The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution

Literature of Kissing

The Art of Writing

A Book of Golden Thought

Vulgarisms and Other Errors of Speech

Good English

New York TimesHarper’s WeeklyThe SpectatorHarper’s

Rugbein Rugby Gazette

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