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How Vlogging Is Empowering a New Generation of Stutterers

They ground me, authorizing me to keep talking like I do.
This is dis/fluent, a column by Sophia Stewart on stuttering, self-understanding, and disability in private and public spheres.

Oh, like? like ? like ?


stutterby stutter vlog



Are you okay? Do you need water?Is this, like, a stroke?What is happening?

The Rustle of Language

Look at these young women who feel entitled to take up space, who have decided their speech is worthy of documentation and propagation. Look—your pain isn’t special, they’re going through exactly what you are, and they’re just fine. Look! Just talk like you talk! That’s what they’re doing, and if they can, then you can too!


Sophia Stewart is an editor, writer, and critic from Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Believer, Hyperallergic, Literary Hub, and elsewhere. She lives in Brooklyn.