Cover Photo: A group of three men standing and talking in front of a candlelit dinnertable, and a man and woman talking over to the side. The lighting is dim and there are opened bottles on the table.
Photograph by Antenna/Unsplash

Confessions of a Covert Stutterer

I’d become so successfully covert that the idea that I stuttered sounded more like an unfounded opinion than an incontestable truth.
This is dis/fluent, a column by Sophia Stewart on stuttering, self-understanding, and disability in private and public spheres.



ispassive passing




I’ll prove our humanity! Send people home with changed hearts and minds!

Sophia Stewart is an editor, writer, and critic from Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Believer, Hyperallergic, Literary Hub, and elsewhere. She lives in Brooklyn.