Cover Photo: Photograph by Anthony Garand/Unsplash
Photograph by Anthony Garand/Unsplash

What Do I Gain From Citizenship—and What Do I Lose?

There are rules to who gets to live the American dream, and who doesn’t.



I stayed silent. After all, I was an independent twenty-five-year-old woman! I had my pride. How could I go back penniless after living in America’s streets paved with gold?


Bix Gabriel is a writer, teacher at Butler University, fiction editor at The Offing magazine, co-founder of TakeTwo Services, occasional Tweeter, and seeker of the perfect jalebi.

She has a M.F.A in Fiction from Indiana University, and is completing a novel involving the war on terror and Bangladesh’s 1971 war for independence, set in New York City, Dhaka, and Guantánamo Bay. Her work has appeared most recently in Jellyfish Review, and Electric Literature among others. Twitter: @BixGabriel