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Jason Matthews/flickr

Refugees of Extraordinary Ability: A Mythology

Whether fleeing the Russian Revolution or running from martial law-era Taiwan, my families have made some narrow escapes.

Run. Just go. Burn it down, get out of here, you’re safer on the move than standing still. You’ll start over, somewhere safe, and everything will be okay. You have built everything you own with these hands, so you can build it again. Save money in strange places, squirrel it away, into a sweater lining here, or a change purse there, just in case you need to go. Run. Seek refuge.

It will all blow over


immediatelyto be from somewhere


  • not on the list of travel banned countries

We just don’t know what will happen next. Here’s what we do know. Anything could change at any time.

America’s immigration laws are already restrictive!

Shakespeare in the Park

RunJust run. Go. You’ll start over, somewhere safe, and everything will be okay.

Kim Liao's work has appeared in Salon, Lit Hub, The Rumpus, River Teeth, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Another Chicago Magazine, Fourth River, Fringe, Cha: A Journal of Asian Literature, Hippocampus Magazine, and others. She is currently working on her first novel and revising a family memoir about the Taiwanese Independence Movement.