Cover Photo: Photograph by Romina Farías/Unsplash
Photograph by Romina Farías/Unsplash

Looking for a Reflection as the Only Asian Actor in a Production of ‘Mulan’

I felt humiliated singing a song about honor when I could only feel shame. As I stood in yellowface, I had finally fulfilled my quest to become white.

The Story of Hansel and GretelThe Wizard of Oz

Tom Sawyer


Star Trek

It’s fine



How would he have done Harvey Fierstein’s voice?

Photograph courtesy of Phillipe Thao


Dundundundun-dun-dun . . . dun . . . dun . . . dun!



A View from the Bottom What’s The Bubble Tea?

Photograph courtesy of Phillipe Thao

Phillipe Thao is a queer Hmong American writer based in Chicago. His work has appeared in Teen Vogue and he was the co-host of What's The Bubble Tea?, a podcast about the Asian American millennial experience. He can be found on Twitter at @phillipethao or