Cover Photo: Photograph by Olivier Ortelpa/Flickr
Photograph by Olivier Ortelpa/Flickr

War of the Worlds à la Française: On Protest Culture in France

France is famous for its commitment to authority and order, but every so often the top blows off the mountain and you’re left with a volcanic cauldron of revolution.

It is raining, it is snowing it is shitting


Honk for #MeTooHonk if Black Lives MatterHonk to Stop Global Warming.




Il chieIt’s shitting out.


Scott Dominic Carpenter teaches literature and creative writing at Carleton College (MN). Winner of a Mark Twain House Royal Nonesuch Prize (2018), he's the author of Theory of Remainders: A Novel (named to Kirkus Reviews' “Best Books of 2013”) and of This Jealous Earth: Stories. His short stories, flash fiction and essays have appeared in a wide variety of venues, including South Dakota Review, The Rumpus, Gravel, Silk Road, Catapult, and various anthologies. His website is