Cover Photo: photo of the author’s son
photo of the author’s son

Premature Baby, Preexisting Condition

“I am terrified that one day we will not pursue a treatment our son needs because we can no longer pay for it.”

It’s not time yet, be a good boy, stay and grow stay and grow stay and grow

photo courtesy of the author

Melody Schreiber is a freelance journalist who has reported from nearly every continent, covering everything from the effects of climate change on mental health in the Arctic to the changing tides of livelihoods in the Chesapeake Bay. Her articles, essays, and reviews have been published by The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Atlantic, STAT News, The Toast, and elsewhere; and her fiction has appeared in District Lines, Magical: An Anthology, and Abundant Grace. Her anthology about premature birth, What We Didn't Expect, will be published in November 2020.