Cover Photo: Illustration by Ellen Weinstein for Catapult
Illustration by Ellen Weinstein for Catapult

Friendship Has Always Been Hard for Me—I Hope I Can Make It Easier for My Kids

Unwritten social rules might as well not exist for me. The only reason I can read them at all is because I’ve forced myself to learn them.

This isa monthly column byKatie Rose Pryalabout family life, mental illness, and raising disabled kids as a disabled parent.



That’s Katie, you don’t talk to her

Katie is a novelist, essayist, and erstwhile law professor in Chapel Hill, NC. Her fiction includes Entanglement, Chasing Chaos, and Fallout Girl. Her nonfiction includes Life of the Mind Interrupted: Mental Health  and Disability in Higher Education. Katie has contributed to Quartz, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The (late, great) Toast, Dame Magazine, Paste Magazine, and more. You can connect with Katie on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, all at @krgpryal, on her blog at, and through her e-letter at