Cover Photo: photo via David Mulder/flickr
photo via David Mulder/flickr

Teaching in Trumpland

“Fueled by the 2016 campaign, ugly prejudices deeply rooted in our community would slither into the light.”


Lilo & Stitch

Raised in Daytona Beach, Florida, Rebecca Renner came to writing after a years of listening to stories. She is a child of the South’s extensive oral storytelling tradition. She is a seventh-generation (plus) Floridian, she has won both a table setting contest and a hog calling contest, was a gold medalist at the National Lifeguard Championships, raised several Dixie Dwarf Rabbit Fancier’s best in show rabbits, and has caught a snapping turtle with her bare hands. Her essays have been featured in the Washington Post, New York Magazine, and Glamour. She is working on a novel.