Cover Photo: photo via beyondthesea101/flickr
photo via beyondthesea101/flickr

A Case for Studying the Humanities in a Time of Neo-Fascism

“Trump and his administration are readable. And we must read them carefully.”

If you are in graduate school studying eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature during the Trump administration, are you fiddling while Rome burns?

The future is STEM,







Vanity FairConsider “traditional marriage”: one man, one woman, married for love and procreation, formed around a nuclear family in a single family home; the father the head, the mother the heart; the father as breadwinner, the mother as homemaker. It’s how it has always been, forever and ever, world without end, amen. Except that it hasn’t. That’s Victorian marriage, but family units prior to the period were rarely nuclear, and rarely was love a ranking priority.


New Yorker

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