Cover Photo: Illustration by Isabelle Laureta for Catapult
Illustration by Isabelle Laureta for Catapult

I Named My Daughter After the Woman I Wish She Could Have Met

Something unexpected cracks me open every year: Tonight, it was my daughter, recognizing the name I’d given her because I couldn’t give her the woman herself.


wrongness,I’ll carry you

How shameful. They could all see my bra.




waiting. One, two, three, four, five . . .You can do it!

Por favor, Nanny, Ayudame!

I haddone it,

Bring me my sandals. Take me home.

I’ll see you in my dreams.


Katie Gutierrez Collins is a writer and editor living in San Antonio, Texas, with her Aussie-transplant husband, Adrian, and their two dogs, Lola and Cleo. Katie has an MFA from Texas State University. Her fiction, essays, and reporting can be found in Asterix, Narrative, and People, among others, and she is the co-author of several books written with Round Table Companies, Inc. She is currently working on a novel about a rare mental condition that causes people to believe they are dead. She also maintains a much less morbid blog at