Cover Photo: A photograph of the author, a Black woman, with the cover of her book
Photograph by Sylvie Rosokoff; book cover by Grand Central Publishing

Let It Be Strange: A Conversation with Naima Coster, Author of ‘What’s Mine and Yours’

“The book is not straightforward, but it is expansive, and I don’t think the only way to make a story cohere is chronology.”

Halsey StreetHalsey Street

What’s Mine and Yours

What’s Mine and Yours

Book cover by Grand Central Publishing

Naima Coster: When I moved to North Carolina, I spent three days snowed in and mostly alone in a little house at the bottom of a gravel road. We were broke and kept the gas on low to save money, and I was very cold and isolated. I wrote “Cold” over those three days because I was thinking about that feeling of loneliness, not having support, and trying to figure out your life. I made that character, Lacey May, a mother whose husband isn’t present and struggles with addiction. I considered the story a standalone piece.

Measure for Measure

Measure for MeasureWhat’s Mine and Yours

NC: Measure for Measure

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Halsey Streetand

Photograph by Sylvie Rosokoff

Yohanca Delgado holds an MFA in creative writing from American University and lives in Maryland. Her writing appears or is forthcoming in Story, A Public Space, The Believer, One Story, and The Paris Review.