Cover Photo: photo by Joseph Gruber/flickr
photo by Joseph Gruber/flickr

Monuments and Memory: Working at Arlington National Cemetery

“It was an alternate world, where the dead came everyday, and we treated it as normal.”

Thank you for your service

yes, I’m slowly realizing there’s something more important than me happening here, but I don’t quite know how to react to it

It should’ve been me.

Hiroshima Notes

why am I heredeath-is-an-unconscious-abyss-that-may-render-life-inconsequential-and-why-is-no-one-else-freaking-out

MFA from Sarah Lawrence / Co-Founder of Dead Rabbits Reading Series / Poet, BLOOD ON BLOOD (Unknown Press) & IN THIS QUIET CHURCH OF NIGHT I SAY AMEN (CCM Press, 2017)