Cover Photo: A photograph of a bottle of the perfume Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds: a sleek elegant tube of clear fluid with a band of faux diamonds at the neck
Photograph via Elizabeth Arden Inc./Revlon

In Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds, I Find the Women of My Family

For many people, they smell White Diamonds and, instantly, they melt. They remember their mother’s indulgent laugh; the arms that held them.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

National VelvetThe Last Time I Saw Paris

Leave him, that’s Mrs. Hoosen’s husband.


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Mishka Hoosen is a writer and researcher from Johannesburg in South Africa. Their work has appeared on the Ploughshares Blog, and in Bare Fiction, Plume, Illuminations, Rolling Stone South Africa, The Missing Slate, and others. They write extensively on perfume, madness, and the body. They are currently working on a novel, "Through Smoke", which will examine perfume as an embodiment of desire and remembrance in the postcolonial city.