Cover Photo: An illustration of a woman proudly wearing wide-legged jeans and her shadow is larger than she is, signifying how she now feels more proud to take up space
Illustration by Megan Kirby for Catapult

A Love Letter to Old Navy’s Wide-Legged Jeans

When I walk to the train, my shadow falls wider, and I like that I’m taking up more space.

Illustration by Megan Kirby for Catapult

same clothes.


You should have known better than to come here. You know this store isn’t for you.

Teen Vogue


Megan Kirby has bylines at The Rumpus, McSweeney's, Jezebel, The Chicago Reader, The Hairpin and more. She also self-publishes zines on subjects like One Direction, the renaissance faire, and her own dumb life. She runs a local storytelling/zine-making show called Meanwhile. In 2019, she was voted Best Comics Artist in The Chicago Reader's Best of Chicago poll.