Cover Photo: An image from the film adaptation of The Hunger Games books: the protagonist Katniss standing among fires and rubble, looking distressed
Promotional still from 'The Hunger Games'/Lionsgate Films

On Worldbuilding and the Question of Resistance

In fiction, you can feel good about resistance without actually resisting anything.

The Hunger Games Divergent

The Handmaid’s TaleParable

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The Vegetarian


The Vegetarian


The Hunger Games

Matthew Salesses was adopted from Korea and is the author of two novels, THE HUNDRED-YEAR FLOOD and I'M NOT SAYING, I'M JUST SAYING, and three books forthcoming: DISAPPEAR DOPPELGÄNGER DISAPPEAR: A NOVEL (Little A, August 2020), CRAFT IN THE REAL WORLD (Catapult Books, January 2021), and an essay collection (Little A, August 2021). In 2015, Buzzfeed named him one of 32 essential Asian American writers. He teaches fiction writing and Asian American literature at Coe College.