Cover Photo: Image via Team Cherry/Steam
Image via Team Cherry/Steam

My Mental Health Is Like Playing a Metroidvania Game—I Take It One Step at a Time

When the try-fail cycle gets to be too much, I know I can save my progress and walk away. I know I can always try again.


This makes sense for a nervous kid.

Hollow Knight

Hollow KnightHollow Knight


Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight


Metroid Fusion

tools in your toolbelt

Hollow Knight

Hollow KnightOri and the Will of the WispsMetroid Dread

What is the story being told, and how am I a part of it?

Hollow Knight

Martin Cahill is a writer living in NYC and works as the Marketing and Publicity Manager for Erewhon Books. He’s a 2022 Ignyte Award nominee for Best Short Story, a graduate of the Clarion Writers’ Workshop of 2014, and a member of the NYC-based writing group Altered Fluid. You can find his fiction in Clarkesworld, Lightspeed Magazine, Fireside Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and more. His short story “Godmeat” appeared in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2019 anthology, and he was part of the writing team for Realm’s Batman: The Blind Cut.