Cover Photo: Magic and Echoes: How Music Helps Me Write by Hermione Hoby

Magic and Echoes: How Music Helps Me Write

Acoustic-rich spaces feel enlivening and the echoes they produce sound like life.

here it is, the kind of thing you want to make, remember?

Wild Combination,


instrumentalizedNeon in Daylight,


Music for Eighteen Musicians

Music For Eighteen Musicians

Hermione Hoby is a cultural critic and the author of the novels Neon in Daylight, a two-time New York Times editors’ choice, and Virtue, which was published by Riverhead Books with praise from Rachel Kushner, Jia Tolentino, Leslie Jamison and others. She writes about literature, visual art, film, and music, and her pieces have appeared in Harper’s, the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Guardian, Vanity Fair, and elsewhere. Raised in south London, she graduated from Cambridge in 2007, subsequently spent ten years in New York, and now lives in Boulder, Colorado.