Cover Photo: A photograph of the top of a bright green lawnmower atop a bed of bright green grass. The photo is cropped such that only half of the lawnmower top is visible.
Photograph by Daniel Watson/Unsplash

Being a Dad Means Respecting the Yard

Part of how I think about myself as a dad is how I take care of other people, but it’s also in how I care for the living world around me.

What can I do to deter a fox (please, god, no urine-related strategies)?

What is the gayest plant?

What’s the best plan of attack for a bush/tree that’s a liiiittle too tall for a short dyke? I’m trying to trim and shape but I can’t reach

How would you feel about a no-mow lawn, filled with native plants that didn’t require extra water or chemicals? I would love this, but my wife likes cutting the grass (which is mostly green weeds).

How do you keep the goddamn squirrels off of your bird feeders?

Kristen Arnett is the author of With Teeth: A Novel (Riverhead Books, 2021) and the NYT bestselling debut novel Mostly Dead Things (Tin House, 2019) which was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in fiction. She is a queer fiction and essay writer and she lives in Florida.