Cover Photo: Photographs by Gideon Oladimeji and Adedotun Ajibade
Photographs by Gideon Oladimeji and Adedotun Ajibade

My Father Wishes He Were a Writer, Like Me

Writing was just something I thought happened to people naturally, that whatever wasn’t written was eventually forgotten. And I wanted to remember everything.



Photograph courtesy of Keside Anosike

Keside Anosike is a Nigerian-born writer and editor. Although he often shies away from the former label, Keside negotiates the world with rare lucidity through creative non-fiction that is interested in telling and retelling the regularity and specificity of a shared human experience. His work accommodates socio-political observations, such as gender, race, and queer existences, and has appeared in several local and international press. Keside currently lives in Lagos and is working on his first novel.

 Find him on Instagram: @kecyfa