Cover Photo: An illustration of a mountaintop against a bright, sun-filled sky with a figure standing at the peak as three others descend the slopes
Illustration by Shanee Benjamin for Catapult

In Search of Wonder in Iseyin

It’s Nigeria, after all. Hope is what keeps many alive. In plethora of sufferings and fears, prayers abound.

Abubakar Gimba


There is nothing much to see


“Shut the fuck up and let people be”

Kemi Falodun is a Nigerian writer interested in fiction, essays and literary journalism. Her work explores the themes of collective memory, complexities in familial relationships, intersections between dream-life and waking consciousness, and the body as a bearer of despair and joy. Her writing has been published in Electric Literature, Al Jazeera, Saraba Magazine, The Rumpus and elsewhere. A Life in Transit, her essay chapbook on the Invisible Borders Trans-African Road Trip was published in 2019.