Cover Photo: A photograph of Rain Queen Makobo Modjadji VI at her coronation in 2003, wearing gold jewelry and seated on an ornate chair
Photograph by Michael Streaton/Creative Commons; photo illustration by Matt Ortile

Can You Please Say Something in Khelobedu?

For me, Khelobedu is a language, a culture, home. For most South Africans, it doesn’t exist.

Can you say something in Khelobedu?

Keletso Mopai is a storyteller from South Africa. Her debut collection of short stories titled 'If You Keep Digging' was published by BlackBird Books, in june 2019. Her works have been published in highly regarded publications and listed for short story prizes. Keletso studied chemistry and geology, and has a Bachelor of Science honours degree in geology.  More of her work can be found on