Cover Photo: A photograph of an empty child's crib against a white wall with a pattern of green triangles.
Photograph by Ashley Walker/Unsplash

On Not Wanting Children

Why are the childfree by choice such a threat?

I won’t


Heaven Above, Heaven Below

Who will help me in my old age? Am I being selfish? Why have I never had an urge to become a mother? Does my life have purpose? Is there something terribly wrong with me?Beyond Motherhood

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Childfree by Choice: The Movement Redefining Family and Creating a New Age of Independencechildfreechildfree

Childfree by ChoiceLabor of Love: The Invention of Dating


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Kathryn Mockler co-edited the print anthology Watch Your Head: Writers and Artists Respond to the Climate Crisis (Coach House Books, 2020) and is the publisher of the Watch Your Head website. Her debut collection of stories is forthcoming from Book*hug in 2023. She runs the newsletter Send My Love to Anyone and teaches screenwriting and fiction at The University of Victoria.