Cover Photo: Photograph by No Revisions/Unsplash
Photograph by No Revisions/Unsplash

Save a Life, Drink Outside

Protecting each other from harm? Caring about one another even when it’s hard? Is it too corny to say that I’ll drink to that?

’ll walk to the park.”

for him

This is what laughter feels likein drink form

anyoneThe Twilight Zone


Do you want to go for a walk? Shall we bring wine to the park?

I will drink to that

Joseph Osmundson is a scientist and writer based in New York City. He has a PhD from The Rockefeller University in Molecular Biophysics. His book of essays, VIROLOGY, was published in 2022 by W.W. Norton. His research has been supported by the American Cancer Society, published in leading biological journals including Cell and PNAS, and he's currently a Clinical Assistant Professor of Biology at NYU. His writing has appeared in The Village Voice, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Gawker, The Kenyon Review, The Rumpus, The Lambda Literary Review, and The Feminist Wire, and elsewhere, too.