Cover Photo: A photo of Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner leaning in close and looking at the camera. They are both smiling, but Carl's smile is one famously used for one of their comedy bits.
Promotional still from 'The 2000 Year Old Man' via Colgate Comedy and CBS

Jewish Comedy as a Love Language

It’s hard to say what about it is more charming to me, the hilarity of it or the inescapable Jewishness of it. Mel Brooks could be any man in my family.


The 2000 Year Old Man

The 2000 Year Old ManThe 2000 Year Old Man

The 2000 Year Old Man very

The 2000 Year Old Man

voice2000 Year Old Manlr

picking up a butter knife from the table

The 2000 Year Old Man

call him call him call him already

I wanted my father’s love and I also wanted to be one of the guys. In my eyes, the two were incompatible.

2000 Year Old Manlr

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