Cover Photo: white marble sculpture of a bandaged, severed head (intended to be John the Baptist) resting on a plate
Photograph by Peter Chiykowski/Unsplash

It Doesn’t Hurt, It Hurts All the Time

What if we thought of emotional trauma the way we do physical: as a wide class of wounds whose healing is unpredictable, whose scars take different forms?



I guess this is my life forever now, and maybe it always was.

Psychological Review traumata,

supposed want

unreasonably get out, take a walk, just take one walk a day, my daily walk keeps me saneI don’t get it, is everyone else insane

stop thinking about it, stop thinking, stop doing anything. extremely

having a panic attack


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Jess Zimmerman is the author of Women and Other Monsters and an editor at Quirk Books. Her essays and opinion writing have appeared in the Guardian, the New Republic, Slate, Hazlitt, Catapult, and others.