Cover Photo: In this illustration, we see an outline of a woman sitting in a wheel chair. Her hand is lifted to her forehead, as if she is looking far off in the distance. Her shadow stretches beneath her. The background is an organic-looking pattern in browns, pinks, whites, and off-whites.
Illustration by Bhavna Mehta for Catapult

In the Shadow of Saris: Exploring Identity Through Memory and Dislocation

Only after I left a home where there were many women who might have helped me did I realize the sari represented more than a cultural announcement.


Bhavna Mehta works with paper and fabric – cutting and embroidering it to tell stories that combine figurative imagery with botanical and topographical motifs, text, and shadows. She makes work about relating and remembering. She is the recipient of the Individual Artist Fellowship grant (2021), Artists In Communities grant (2017, 2019) from the California Arts Council and the Creative Catalyst grant from The San Diego Foundation (2015). She has engineering degrees from both India and US and worked as a software engineer for many years before turning to art.