Cover Photo: Photograph by Hoang-Loc Dang/Pexels
Photograph by Hoang-Loc Dang/Pexels

In the Mid-’90s, We Didn’t Know the Word for Consent—But That Didn’t Stop Us

How do we match our desires with our demands? I didn’t have the language to ask.

Augustine Blaisdell is the author of WOMEN À LA MODE: A Memoir of Writing a Book about Feminists in Paris. Originally from Los Angeles, California, she earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University and her BFA in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College. She leads an online International Literary Salon as well as teaches in person classes in the South of France. She is currently at work on an essay collection entitled, FINDING PHILOGYNY: Uncovering the Antonym and the Antidote to Misogyny. You can find more of her work on and on Instagram @augustineblaze.