Cover Photo: An ominous photo of a black credit card being held in the dark, a light shining on the card's gold accents.
Photograph by Ales Nesetril/Unsplash

I Tried to Buy Self-Worth and All I Got Was Credit Card Debt

I dug my hole trying to keep up with a social calendar I couldn’t afford, which is often what happens when you feel like you don’t belong on the social calendar to begin with.

How much could it be? $10,000?$11,000?$12,000? you have ruined your life. yoooooouuuuu haaaaaaave ruuuuuuuuuiiiined yoooooooooour life

You are making a rich man richer through interest!

What did you think would happen?

We were so proud of you.

clean yourself up, you look like a total mess ok, this is the happiest day of my life.


financial distress.FinancialDistressfinancial distress

five dollars and one suitcaseWe were never hungry, but going to the doctor was a luxury. Delusions of grandeur,

Ave Maria

too far out in Brooklyn,

noI can’t afford to do that

Elena Sheppard is a writer from, and based in, New York City. Elena writing has been published in Vogue, the New York Times, Bomb Magazine, and more. She recently completed her MFA in non-fiction writing and is working on a book about the Cuban Revolution.