Cover Photo: Art by Claudine Aranza for Catapult
Art by Claudine Aranza for Catapult

On Loving a Sibling I’ve Never Met

I wonder a lot about you. Like what your name would have been if you stayed, at least a week or two until your naming ceremony was done.

Howard Meh-Buh is a PhD student of Microbiology at UB Cameroon. His works have been accepted and published on Aerodrome, The Africa Report, Bakwa Magazine, The Kalahari Review, Brittle Paper, and Catapult. His fiction and nonfiction pieces have been published in anthologies such as Selves, Love Stories from Africa, and are forthcoming in others. He was a participant of the Literary Exchange Program for creative nonfiction between Cameroon and Nigeria, organized by Bakwa magazine, Saraba magazine, Goethe Institute Nigeria and Goethe Institute Cameroon. He is a staff writer for Bakwa Magazine.