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How Leslie Feinberg Became the Parent I Needed During My Transition

“I needed preparation, not protection. I needed to see myself as a part of history.”

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Stone Butch Blues, Stone Butch Blues,

When I told a friend of mine how upset I was with Donald Trump’s transgender military ban tweet, I felt ashamed. I’ve never experienced familial or economic pressure to join the armed forces, and white masc privilege mostly inoculates me against the worst of interpersonal and structural transphobia. As memes about Trump’s tweet popped up in my Facebook newsfeed, I wondered how many of the cis people posting understood that while gender-confirming surgeries can indeed be prohibitively expensive for trans individuals, they constitute a negligible percentage of the US military’s budget. Hormone therapy and surgery are, for the trans people who do require them, not cosmetic or elective, but necessary to survive.

Transgender Warriors,

Stone Butch Blues,Stone Butch Blues

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