Cover Photo: A sign taped to a door that reads "We cannot wait to see you again. Stay safe"
Photograph by Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

Why We Need Hospitality—Before, During, and After the Pandemic

As someone with over ten years in the industry, I still make $4.95/hour—plus tips.


employed by the second-largest private industry

history of tipping in the US is long and fairly tragicestablishedruling that in accord with the Fair Labor Standards Act,

current minimum wage


the money ran outnew funds on the way

the same number of employees on payroll by this JuneNo one knows if bars and restaurants will be open by the end of June, let alone be able to staff them at pre-COVID levels: Staffing depends on predicted business volume, and we have no idea what that will look like. On top of that, only 25 percent of the PPP was allowed for rent—often the largest expense of independent big-city establishments.

household names of the uber-wealthy corporate conglomerates:small businesses the loan was supposed to be helping.



You’d have made a great ER doctor I’ve been watching you triage


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