Cover Photo: Horror Movies and the Single Mom by Heather O'Neill

Horror Movies and the Single Mom

I taught my daughter that a woman can fight demons all on her own.

OuijaIncarnate.The Conjuring 2,The Sixth Sense. The Others. The Ring

The Others

The Others here

The Lost BoysDark Waters

The Babadook

The Sixth Sense

like the time she drank a glass of turpentine, or the time she almost chopped off her fingers, or the time she was chased down the street by stray dogs.

The Ring The Ringthe twins. 

When men are neurotic, it’s often viewed as a symptom of an intelligent mind. Women in horror movies, on the other hand, can’t handle too much thinking: It drives them insane.

But then there’s an extraordinary scene in “Stranger Things” that seems to suggest otherwise. Joyce has purchased a pile of Christmas lights so that her missing son can communicate with her by blinking and extinguishing the lights. She holds the wound-up lights in a giant ball in her hands, and watches in wonder as they begin to twinkle and glow. It’s a beautiful image that manages to capture both the dark imagination and the solitary, brilliant inner life of her mind.

We went to the amusement park on a school night.


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