Cover Photo: IU, wearing a pink gown and a sparkling necklace and headband, gazing out from between pale green doors
Photograph via EDAM Entertainment

Dear IU, Our Bodies Are Fine

I knew my body wasn’t ‘right’; it didn’t look like the bodies of the K-pop idols and Korean actresses I grew up admiring.

This is From a K-pop Fan, With Love, a column by Giaae Kwon about her K-pop obsessions, past and present.

Wow, what’s it like to be her?

Dream High

Life must be so easy for girls with faces like theirs, bodies like theirsThe world must just open up for them. It must be so much easier to stay skinny when you’re already skinny.

Dream High

One Night of TV Entertainment

Healing Camp

Dream High

Don’t forget, in that darkness, you’re a star drawn with a left hand. Can you see? How wonderful your uniqueness is. You’re my celebrity.

Can you see? How wonderful your uniqueness isMaybe I can.

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