Cover Photo: A Black hairstylist twisting a client's hair, with a comb in her left hand, wearing a long-sleeved black shirt and silver hoops. The client has three twists and the rest of her hair is waiting to be twisted.
Photograph by Okrasiuk/Shutterstock

Cutting My Hair to Free Myself from Capitalism

Each season of haircutting marked a major life shift, and I recoiled because I was tired of transitioning. I just wanted to be.

They fell out.


Yes, this country is thirsty for your blood and I’m sorry I can’t protect you.

let her know if there was aaaanything she could do.I’m sorry



There’s no vulnerability in this. I know you want to trust me but you don’t.

Fullamusu Bangura is a writer originally from Washington, D.C. and currently residing in Chicago, Illinois. They are the author of the essay-book “...Considers Lil’ Kim’s Hard Core.” Their work has been published in Bitch Magazine, New Delta Review, and they were a 2020 Best of the Net Poetry finalist.