Cover Photo: A puzzle made up of papers, letters, an image of a family in a mix of Chinese traditional and European dress with gaps and burns throughout.
Illustration by Lyli Feng for Catapult

Finding Myself in the Museum of Chinese in America

Chineseness became a part of my heritage I could name but didn’t really understand.

Wing On Wo

United East Athletics AssociationChinatown Manpower ProjectChen Dance CenterChinatown Senior CenterMuseum of Chinese in America

85,000 itemsChinatown History Projectracist immigration laws

Big Bird in ChinaMonkey Kingme



This is when Dad came,1947. He must have come right then.

These are our stories,


March 8accompanying racist backlashthe museum estimates that the restoration process will take as long as eighteen months

Laura Wang lives in Brooklyn, where she writes stories and teaches human beings about molecules. She is currently an MFA candidate at Sarah Lawrence College. You can find her on Twitter @laura_c_wang.