Cover Photo: Illustration by Brian Rea for Catapult
Illustration by Brian Rea for Catapult

Finding a World Big Enough for My Twice-Exceptional Kids

Every day, when my kids come home from school, the first thing I ask them—like most parents do—is about school. But unlike most parents, I do not expect my kids to say that school was fine.

This is a monthly column by Katie Rose Pryal about family life, mental illness, and raising disabled kids as a disabled parent.


You’re face to face with greatness, and it’s strange 

You don’t even know how you feel

PleasePlease tell Nine to be more aware

Be more aware?

social skillsnot

playhang outcome over

social skills


If you could have only one wish, what would it be and why?


How, indeed

There were just too many wishes

You must dance to the beatYou only get one wish

We’re going to need a little more room

HereYou have space here, for now.

Katie is an author, speaker, an expert on mental disability. She is autistic and has bipolar disorder. She's the author of more than fifteen books that center mental disability, an eclectic mix, including an IPPY-award-winning series of romantic suspense novels and four essay collections on mental health and trauma (two of which won national awards). After earning her master's from the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars, she earned her law degree and doctorate in rhetoric. She works toward accessibility for everyone. A professor of writing, she lives in Chapel Hill, NC, with her family and horses.