Cover Photo: Book cover design by Nicole Caputo
Book cover design by Nicole Caputo

“As soon as you agree to soup.”: Excerpts from Erin McGraw’s ‘Joy’

“We need more soft bedding; everything now is hopelessly stained. We need better antiemetics. We need a miracle, and somebody to say so. It’s not going to be him.”

Below is an excerpt from Erin McGraw's fiction collection Joy: And 52 Other Very Short Stories, now available from Counterpoint Press.


Soup (1)



Soup (2)


Muted Light: A Friend’s Journey with Cancer

Oh, come onDon’t make me say itReaching Through the Silence: Accompanying a Friend with Cancer

The Endless Present: A Friend’s Slide to Deathil nome mio nessun saprà

Soup (3)


Sunny said

Erin McGraw, born and raised in Southern California, lived and taught for many years in the Midwest before retiring to rural Tennessee with her husband, poet Andrew Hudgins, and her dogs. She has written six previous books—three novels and three collections of stories—along with essays and occasional journalism.