Cover Photo: A photograph of a brightly-lit grocery store aisle. The shelves on the left and right are stocked with canned and boxed goods, and at the end of the aisle is a large fridge filled with bottles and tubs.
Photograph by Franki Chamaki/Unsplash

In the Pandemic, Cooking Connected Me to My Ancestors

I could almost sense them beside me, as if the spattered index cards they’d left behind had come to life.


For Elizabeth, who is like someone from Warsaw

I am not alone

Who could ask for anything more?

The Secret Seven

Photograph courtesy of author

Serves 8

$4.50 per pot; 56 cents per serving*

This story was supported by the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.

Elizabeth Gollan is working on a book about her life as a caregiver and personal chef and the political and cultural meanings of those professions. Her work has appeared in Romper and Dame Magazine.