Cover Photo: This illustration shows the shadow of a werewolf up against a living room wall. We see collections of paintings and tchotchkes scattered around the room, as well as a few empty beer bottles tipped over on counters. The colors are strong reds, yellows, oranges, and greens.
Illustration by Sirin Thada for Catapult

Die Cuban

Listo had suspected the curse since the hospital, but after his first full moon it was a fact.

Florida. Florida. The smell is Florida. What does Florida even smell like? This, pendejo, this is what Florida smells like; breathe it in.

Okay. Got it. Now what? Find this guy. Why? What happened to me? He’s like me. Find him. Why? He’s like me. I’m like him. Get him. Why? Why? Why?


Yeah, Lynne. They’re dead for real.

Get the guy that got you and break the curse.also

it’s hot outside and I’m drunk


pull the trigger and run

this massacred


to me

Alex Gonzalez is the author of Land Shark and the co-creator of horror zine You Are Not Alone. He's been published by Death's Head Press and People Holding. He's also a WGA screenwriter with representation, and his fiction is represented by FinePrint Lit. He is currently working on his second novel.