Cover Photo: Historical art featuring djinn—human-shaped creatures—working with humans
Detail of a miniature from a Book of Divinations made for Tahmasp I

My Family’s Relationship with the Unseen

Maybe my dreams were trying to tell me something. Maybe I had what I liked to call, jokingly, “the ElGenaidi Gift.”


The Exorcist

Bismillah al rahman al rahim

Kulhu allahu ahad . . .

In the name of God most gracious, most merciful

He is Allah, the one and only . . .

Bismillah al rahman al rahim . . .

The Exorcist


areto life

The Exorcist

Deena ElGenaidi is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn. Her work has been featured in Nylon, MTV News, Oprah Magazine, Longreads, Electric Literature, and elsewhere. She is currently working on a novel and filming a web series. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @deenaelg