Cover Photo: Photograph by Peter Gasston/Flickr
Photograph by Peter Gasston/Flickr

Why Canterbury Tales Is the Ultimate Road Trip Story

How do we pass the time while traveling from Point A to Point B? What stories do we tell one another, and how do those stories connect?

This is Something Medieval, Something New, a column in which Alice Lesperance considers our culture and her own experiences through the lens of Medieval literature.

The Canterbury Tales,The OdysseyThe OdysseyCanterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales

NimrodBuffy the Vampire Slayer

The Canterbury Tales


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American Idiot



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Alice Lesperance is a 27-year-old writer based in North Carolina, where she lives with her wife and their cat, Stevie Nicks. She writes about trauma, (pop)culture and politics. Find her at and on twitter @ayelesperance.