Cover Photo: An illustration of four glamorous and racially-diverse women, shrouded in green smoke
Illustration by Sirin Thada for Catapult

Other Emily

“Commerce!” Emily shouted. “The hoarding and ceding and exchange of power. I see no clearer path into the souls of human people.”

 July 8, 2016  3:23 a.m.

 Hark. A vision has come to me.

 Tomorrow. Let us gather in the Room of Conference.  Other Emily can you please bring paper  Thanks.

 March 22, 2013  6:02 a.m.

 Hark. The hour of our departure from this place has arrived

 Emily will you please retrieve my trunks from storage.   Lucretia Please meet me in herb cellar   Thank you!



CosPack: The Cosmetic Packaging Magazine

“Too sinister,” Rashida said. She was looking at a photo of a small plastic tub.


Too hot to crop.

Let’s get one thing straight: Hair matters.

Let’s get another thing straight: Your hair.

Let’s get another thing curly.

4C curly!

Own your hair

Hair Dominion. Own your hair.


He must liftand he must hate himself

What is seed of hummus

        Do u have seed of hummus?

        Seed of **hubris. Sorry sorry.

To morrow

 July 13, 2016  3:23 a.m.

 Hi  Thinking about crop -- two blonds pls Lucretia  Rashida pls bring wines  Thrilled to introduce you ladies to our new Emily!




. it

Hair Dominion Ultimate Styling Cream with Nubian Goat Milk

Do you call upon the power of all Emilys, thence and hereafter?

Brennan Kilbane is a writer from Cleveland. His interviews and essays have appeared in GQ, New York Magazine, Goop's momentary print magazine (RIP), and Allure, where he was recently on staff as a features writer.