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In Pursuit of Fertile Ground: Continuing IVF When the Odds Are Against You

I am at the nether reaches of my fertility, curious as to what I can still grow. This remains a shock.

The New York Times


Joshua Tree National Park / photo by Derek Wright

I am okay, I knew this was a possibility.” My eggs are expired

What kind of a tree must be damaged to reproduce? What kind of tree relies on a moth for its seeds?

Joshua Tree National Park / photo by Derek Wright

I regarded these trees as I would a physique, or a silhouette, or a solo dancer on a stage—as spare and expressive. The bent limbs, to me, seemed held in freeze frame while recoiling from an electric shock. On some, every limb angled toward the sun. The shared reach of the limbs cantilevered the trunk, and the entire tree leaned sideways.

Joshua Tree National Park / photo by Derek Wright

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