Cover Photo: I Would Die 4 U by Rock Martinez/jpellgen/flickr
I Would Die 4 U by Rock Martinez/jpellgen/flickr

Black & Midwestern: On the Mississippi and Sites of Memory

“The question of where you’re from is often met with eager anticipation to easily judge you.”




I know man. It’s wild. Issa trip.


RoseanneThe Middle

Beloved, The Bluest Eye, Sula,



Water And African American Memory,

land where the sky reflects the water, clear blue water.mni polis.

liex de memorie,

Vanessa Taylor (@bacontribe) is a freelance writer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She's interested in using a multi disciplinary approach to social justice, from on-the-grounds activism to finding accessible ways to educate community, with writing as a way to make sense of it all. Her work has appeared in Racked, Teen Vogue, Rise Up Review, and elsewhere. She is currently an Arts & Culture co-editor for Sapelo Square and a fellow for Muslim Wellness' inaugural DREL fellowship class.