Cover Photo: In this photo of the Berlin park Tiergarten, we see bright leafy trees surrounding a peaceful, dark green pond. A coppery-green statue of a nude man holding an object (perhaps a piece of rope? perhaps a discus?), stares into the depths of the pond. The foliage is still green, but there are a few bright red leaves and the grass is starting to brown, as if we are reaching the end of a hot summer.

Belting Jewish Prayers in German Nightclubs

Months later, when people ask me to briefly describe my experiences in Berlin, I tell them I felt Jewish during the day and queer at night.


I’m Jewish, I promise

Hashkiveinu Adonai Eloheinu l’shalom v’ha’amideinu malkeinu l’khayim!

Close like this

Jenna Zucker is a senior at Barnard College majoring in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. They are writing a memoir about their relationship with their grandmother, their queer identity, and their grandmother's survival of the Holocaust.