Cover Photo: A collage of six different The Baby-Sitters Club covers from the '90s. Several depict them hanging out in Claudia's room, while others feature each babysitter at their job.
Cover art for 'The Babysitters Club'/Scholastic

Becoming an American Girl: Lessons from The Babysitter’s Club

If we had left Venezuela, it had to be because life in America was going to be better, but the BSC world didn’t seem inherently better—just different.

YesNoSorry, I don’t speak EnglishNay . . . Nay-hoe-bee? Denisse

Schoolhouse Rock!weren’t


I love youWhere the Sidewalk Ends

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret American Girl Magazine

a thingconsider

Naihobe!Pórtate bien

The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley

It’s Denisse’s birthday tomorrow!Oh nothingFeliz Cumpleaños


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