Cover Photo: photo by Robert Young/flickr
photo by Robert Young/flickr

What an American City Sounds Like

It’s a space where language is manipulated and contorted and pulled and borrowed. It sounds like everywhere and anywhere else.

This is Bayou Diaries, a column by Bryan Washington on his life and history in diverse, expansive Houston.


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I told the guy I didn’t mean it. He told me he didn’t mean it. We shared an awkward pat on the back, which turned into an even less graceful hug, and it felt like a metaphor for something else.



Bryan Washington’s debut collection, Lot, is forthcoming from Riverhead Books. He has written for the New York Times, the New York Times Magazine, Vulture, BuzzFeed, The Paris Review, Boston Review, Tin House, One Story, GQ, FADER, The Awl, and Catapult. He lives in Houston.