Cover Photo: A photograph of a pharmacy prescription counter. Above the rows of medicines on white shelves is a large sign that says "Prescriptions" in all capital letters in a sans serif font. The lighting is dark and shadowy and there is no one behind the counter.
Photograph by Patrick Tomasso/Unsplash

In the US Health Care System, You’re Not a Patient. You’re a Consumer

On some level I know the system is designed to break me down, but I feel guilty because I am good at letting it.

Uh, do you have a dermatology degree?

Should have mentioned the newborn.

The signs of my sin, writ on my flesh.

Uh, can I though?

They find a coupon.

“Who needs eyes?” I keep saying, laughing. “Who needs skin?”

Journal of the American Medical Association

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Abbey Fenbert is a writer and theater artist in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared online at The Toast, The Offing, McSweeney's, HowlRound and American Theatre.